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Electronic mail and network access to the IPG

Electronic mail is currently the medium par excellence in most institutions and IPG provides email accounts to all students.

With the conclusion of the registration / enrollment an institutional e-mail account is automatically set up for each student (available on the following week day after the registration) and access to electronic mail through an Internet browser via the address:

The credentials are as follows:

Login: xxxxxxx that corresponds to the student’s number. For example, when the student’s No. is 1009995 an email account with the address will be assigned

Password: ID / citizen card

Besides access to email, the credentials listed above will be used in the following services:

• Wireless Network Access Eduroam (See the information and settings in

• Access to computers in the classroom / student room

E-Learning Plataform

All students have access to the IPG platform (, essential to the student’s performance at school. The e-learning platform used in IPG is Blackboard, a global leader in use by higher education institutions. This platform allows access to an online virtual learning environment to the student, where, in addition to access to content uploaded by teachers, one can use tools of communication with peers and teachers, access to classes abstracts, submit work, among many other features. Access to the platform is via username: Number of student (xxxxxxx) and Password: the ID card number.

e- Services for the Academic Citizen

The academic information service, allows access to personal information, grades, cash flow situation, requirements, and other features:

Printers for public use (IPG–FOLLOW YOU) Students have an available printing system that they can use anytime, from any computer that connects to the IPG network, in various schools and the library.

The use of printers requires the introduction of a numeric PIN, which will first be received in the associated email account ( All information and configuration can be found on the website of the Center for Information Technology in IPG (

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